Strands has come alongside families to try to provide support and hope in the form of extending the prayer chain and giving a monetary gift. These families have shared their experience with Strands in the following lines. 

"So let me say this two years ago if you would have asked who is Amy Nelson, I would have told you I have no idea. I had never heard of Strands or learned what an amazing, heartfelt, and blessing it truly was to my family. When Amy first contacted us, I honestly didn't know if this was one of those long lost king cousin in dirkastan who wanted to give me millions scams. My wife and I prayed that God would show us. Then I began to ask around about Amy as well as trading correspondence with her. I must say the two words that everyone spoke were helpful and holy. God chooses special people to truly bless with a servant's heart and I believe he gave Amy double  the dose. The timing of Strands coming into our life provided our family a reprieve from stressing over medical bills and having to tell Grayson we couldn't do this or that due to monetary reasons. I whole heatedly know that the help Strands provided us fell short in comparison of the prayer that covered us by everyone that read our story. So I leave you with this: I truly believe Amy will continue to serve God in whatever she does even if it's one strand of yarn at a time. "

- Alan Canalejo, the daddy of Grayson 

"Through a journey our family was forced to make by a diagnosis of cancer for our youngest daughter Maddie. We have been blessed by many who have reached out to love on us. One of those was a ministry called Strands. the founder just happens to be a dear friend of mine whom I've had the privilege of watching her grow and mature into a beautiful young lady with a passion to reach out and minister to those in need. She does this by crocheting beautiful pieces and selling them to help a family going through a devastating time. We have been very blessed to have her reach out to us and love on us through this and helping us share our story of victim to survivor. "

- Amanda Howard, the mommy of Maddie 

"A few months ago our sweet friend, Amy Nelson, approached us through text and email about her passion for blessing others and working together as the body of Christ to pray and give to families going through trials. She wanted to feature our baby Karis's story and journey in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in Strands. Even though we know Amy and her heart for the Lord, we were at first hesitant as we didn't want to be another 'Go fund me' page. We did not feel like we were going to be unable to pay for our bills and weren't sure we wanted our story publicized. Through text, email, and phone calls Amy explained more about Strands' approach. That this wasn't a way to pay these huge medical bills or that we wouldn't go on being ok with Strands. But instead, was a way to say we weren't forgotten. It was about the body of Christ being aware and acting first through praying for us, and if that was all that happened we were blessed. It was about blessing us through the hard times because that is what the body does. We prayed about and considered it. As I thought about it, I felt like we love to give to others but it's hard for me to want to receive. To place my story out for others to act as we love to, I had to humble myself! God knows your heart and your needs. We were so blessed by Strands that people wanted to pray with and for us in our time of need."

- Tamara Squire, the mommy of Karis

"In 1916 a man named Robert Frost wrote a poem called The Road Not Taken, he describes his version of life’s choices as roads.  “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the road less traveled by, and that made all the difference.” My husband and I chose to ignore doctors advice. If God needed our daughter more than us then He would take her, we wouldn’t make that choice. Many choices much like the first have led my family on a journey of trust and obedience. 

 Our daughter was born October 18, 2016 at UAB and immediately rushed to the CVICU at Children’s of Birmingham. Looking back, I could’ve never anticipated that our journey would separate our family and cause several financial burdens along the way. My husband and I have been living in Birmingham per doctors orders with our daughter, Isla, for over a year now while our four boys still live in our home two hours away. There are strains every time we journey down another road, but we learned to trust in God a long time ago. 

The night I received an email from Amy Nelson at Strands was the worst night my family had experienced. A seed of financial doubt had been planted, fingers started pointing, and hurt began to grow in my chest. With my sweet little medically fragile baby in my arms I cried harder than I had in a long time. I know every tear I shed reaches the God I love but where was he now? I needed Him now. How could we get by on nothing, our savings had already been cleared out, so what was our next step?

 A little voice in my head instructed me to browse through my e-mails. I had left them neglected for weeks, but like all the other times that voice proved to be much more than an internal dream but rather the voice of hope, my God. There at the top was an email from Amy Nelson from Strands. After reading the email twice I realized she was asking me if she could be our blessing. Amy ensured the role she wanted to play in the financial assistance of my family’s struggle, I couldn’t believe what I was reading, and tears of joy and relief poured from my eyes. 

 Weeks have passed since I met Amy in person, my family was showered with love from our community and from complete strangers alike. On our road not taken we’ve been met with God’s people. Holy people. God has never let my family fall too far before sending someone. I thank God for Strands. I thank Him for His many blessings here on Earth. Meeting with Amy allowed me to shift my priorities back to where they should be, back to that little girl who started it all."

- Brett Lesley, the mommy of Isla

"When we were contacted by Amy it could not have come at a better time, our son was recently diagnosed with brain cancer and we were living in Memphis so that our son could receive treatment at St. Jude. The love and support that we have received from Strands, Amy and everyone involved will forever hold a special place in our heat. For a stranger to take the time away from her family to help us through this difficult time amazes us and we know that she was sent by God to help us.  Amy and the entire Strands family is now and will forever be a part of our family and we will never forget everything that they have done for us."

-Kelli Wallander, the mommy of Brayden

"We were recommended to Strands by a family member and from the very first interaction with Amy, we knew this was a Spirit-led organization with a Jesus-centered mission. Strands not only raised a significant amount of money to help cover many medical bills for our daughter's care, but they also blessed our family by checking in with us regularly, praying for us, and sending us words of encouragement. They provided a platform for other people to learn about our daughter's story and begin to pray for us. I can not explain the burden that has been lifted because of Strands. Now, each time we get a new medical bill, we don't even have to think twice, much less stress about it. We just hop online and pay it, knowing that God has us in His hand and has provided everything we need, particularly through people like Strands. I know it can be hard to "accept help" or be on the receiving end of things. But if you are walking through something like our family is, I urge you to let people in and let them encourage you." 

-Katie Parker, the mommy on Noelle